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Old Town of Lijiang

Perches in the northwest of Yunnan province, the Old Town of Lijiang has a history of over 800 years.

Old Town's streets are distributed freely. The main streets are close to rivers and small lanes are near cannels. The town is decorated with over 76 stone bridges, crisscrossing rivers flowing with water, verdant trees, ancient lanes, and old houses. This harmonious scense earns Lijiang the reputation of "oriental Venice" and "Gusu on Plateau".

At the heart of the old town is Square Street. Centuries ago in Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was the central bazaar in the northwest of Yunnan province, and the crossroads for trade in Tea-Horse Ancient Road. Lijiang has preserved many old buildings with Ming and Qing styles. That is why it is called by architecture experts at home and abroad the "Museum of Dwelling Houses".

Old Town of Lijiang has myriads of historical relics and rich culture. It is an ancient town that has been best preserved and has the most distinctive ethnic styles in China. The "Dongba character" of "Dongba culture" and the "Naxi ancient music" are just like the living fossils in Chinese culture history. On Dec 4, 1997, Lijiang was added to the world cultural heritage list.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is 13 km away from the north of Lijiang, running from the north to the south with a coverage area of 960 square km. The high-mountain scenery stands at above 4,500 m in altitude.

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